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Our Mission

  • Educate community on threats to native trees

  • Engage community by having workshops and volunteer service days

  • Enhance community by caring for native trees and green spaces

What we do....

  • Educate neighborhoods, churches, businesses, and students regarding proper planting, pruning & mulching practices.

  • Educate all on identification of and on removal of non-native invasive trees such as tree of heaven and chinese parasol tree; and vines such as ivy, kudzu, and wisteria; and shrubs such as  privet, elaeagnus, and leather leaf mahonia.

  • Offer kudzu removal education through Kudzu Kollege.

  • Encourage completion of the Clemson Extension Tree Steward Class.

  • Facilitate activities such as Trees Parties to provide hands-on education and beautify local areas including gateways and intersections throughout the community.

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