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Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Check out our upcoming volunteer opportunities!!!! We are always looking for eager people that wants to help save our native trees and help beautify our wonderful City of Spartanburg. Whether you are 5 or 80 we have people of all ages come out and join us. There are easy tasks for beginners and if you're up for a challenge we can give you one! 

Individuals and Small Groups up to five people

We have weekly volunteers that you can join at the spur of the moment! Contact us before hand or just show up at one of the locations on our calendar. (it is suggested to contact us so we know to look for you)

Group Volunteer Opportunities

Do you work for a company that wants to give back to the community? Do you attend a church looking for service day opportunities? Are you on a sports team and want to show off your teamwork? Are you a teacher or student that wants to show your school/class/college spirit? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help!!! Big or small we sponsor groups as small as 5 and have sponsored groups over 80 people! We can find a site to accommodate your group or you can pick the area you want to work on. Come build team moral while giving back to your community. Contact Trees Coalition today to get more information on how to set up your event.

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